Peace of mind.... before you rest

Record your financial details for the future

  • Are your financial details easily accessible?
  • Who knows the whereabouts of your important documents?
  • Are your details easily updated?
  • With a one off payment of $9.90 AUD paid once you complete the process, you can record your personal portfolio information.

    Welcome to mylifePortfolio. My name is Greg Eliades and I have been practicing law in Sydney Australia for 35 years.

    You may take 14 days to complete the form if you don't have all your information readily available.

    The data will not be held online but will be mailed to you in the form of a report. It will also email you with the ability for you to create reminders to update your records in later years.

    Peace of Mind
    Data Security

    What we owe and what we own is no one’s business except our own.
    However this private information is of no help to your Executor or Legal Personal Representative (“LPR”) when you die as it will be his or her role to call in your assets, pay any debts and distribute your Estate in accordance with your Will and its wishes.
    There is no need to tell your LPR what assets you have whilst you are alive.
    The contents of your portfolio are private and should remain so however your LPR needs to know how to obtain details of your assets and liabilities upon death.
    The application will automatically email to the person(s) of your choice who may be your spouse, partner, next of kin, Executor ("LPR") and or professional advisers such as Accountants, Lawyers and financial planners in planning for the financial security of your family.
    This Portfolio is NOT to be regarded as a binding legal document but designed to aid you in organising your personal affairs, updating your vital documents and providing a comprehensive list of your assets and liabilities that will simplify the settlement of your estate and make this unavoidable process simpler for your loved ones.